Traditional Piedmontese liquor obtained using exclusively fresh raspberries, totally harvested in Piemonte. The product, whose base can be prepared only in summer because It is based on fresh fruit, it is created starting from an infusion of raspberries

With alcohol and sugar. After a period of rest in steel tanks, the infusion

Is pressed to extract the juice and give the color typical to the product.

Finally, it is re-mixed with alcohol and spice infusions.

Liquor that has a brilliant ruby red, is characterized by the well-known fruit juice and

With a delicate floral feel. Perfect for those who love sweet aromas and the

Light perception of the alcoholic degree.

Pleasant meditation elixir, It also fits in the preparation of original cocktails.

Alcoholic Gradation : 25%

Bottle capacity: 70 cl

Liquore Lampone, Antica Distilleria Quaglia

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